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Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPSau.org) has always been about preventing child abuse. Almost forty five years ago when we were founded, understanding and discussion about child abuse was limited.

Over the years, CAPS has adapted different programs that work with parents, carers and children. A key focus has been in nurturing the connections within families, especially between parents/carers and children. More recently, CAPS has adapted its programs and developed Safe Children, Safe Families which is special because it incorporates a third dimension to the important work of prevention.

Safe Children, Safe Families works with children, their parents/carers and the staff at their place of care. We have recognised that these places are a critical element in prevention.


CAPS is honoured to host this conference at this critical time as recommendations from the Royal Commission are being considered for implementation.

We trust that this conference will be an important step for all involved to consider what comes next and what should be done.

The evidence from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has revealed the horrific damage done to children in institutions that were supposed to be places of care. The long term suffering and life changing consequences of this abuse are now recognised  in the public domain.

The details from the Royal Commission can leave us with a sense of despair due to the extent of suffering and the immensity of the tasks ahead. At CAPS we are resolute in our work on prevention and exploring all ways for empowering families to thrive.

I invite you to join us at this conference as we explore the path forward for children, their families and their places of care.

Andrew Grech
Chair for the Child Abuse Prevention Service

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